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Past Events 2017

A visit from Rushden. November 15th

Terry Pope.

Terry showed some stamps of Belgium concentrating mainly on the Railway parcel stamps. His display started from 1879 period and included newspaper stamps of the time.

After the interval Terri showed stamps of the world on the theme of the Universal Postal Union.

We hope to see Terry again in 2018 with his display of Cigarette Cards.

October 18th John Higgins North Borneo

John travelled from Kings Lyn to show us part of his vast collection of British North Borneo focusing on the early issues from 1883. And Labuan from 1879 . The second half featured Trains Boats and Planes as means of transporting mail within the country and abroad, with postmarks proving the various methods of transportation.

2nd September - Mid Anglian Federation Display

4 members from Leighton Buzzard attended the Mid Anglian Federation Display day on 2nd September, Arranged by our Secretary John Spencer and held at Whittlesford near Duxford.

There were two collectors showing material, Terry Wagg FRPSL showed his extensive collection of material focusing on Czeslaw Slania the well-known stamp and bank note engraver, Slania was the most prolific engraver of his time and Terry’s collection contained much of his work.

Simon Richards gave a display of the island of Dominica. His material consisted of some rare Pre stamp material, some unique and un-catalogued plus stamps of Dominica. It was suggested that it could be the most complete collection of Dominica to be seen today.

We enjoyed Lunch at Red Lion in Whittlesford with other Federation members and enjoyed a bourse and further display of Dominica in the afternoon.

July 19th AGM and presentation of awards

The last meeting of the season saw the re-election of officers for the forthcoming season. Our Secretary John Spencer reported that our members did well at the recent federation competition scoring high points in the categories entered.

After the AGM we enjoyed some wine and cheese, and the presentation of trophy’s took place.

Pictured with the Palmer trophy (Highest scoring society Exhibit)and the Alan Crozier Trophy (Best in show) is John Spencer and proudly displaying the Margaret Harris Memorial cup is John Hossack for his 6 sheet exhibit.

June 21st Lorraine Maguire. The New Zealand soldier of WWII

Lorraine showed a Large variety of material from the second world war involving the New Zealand Army, some closely connected to Lorraine through her relations who fought there including some unique photographs taken by her uncle of Monte Casino also letters to and from home via censored mail and Honesty envelopes. Ships mail and Air mail

The New Zealanders were well aware of the threat posed by Japan and so were willing and ready to do battle and Lorraine’s pride of her family was very evident.

June 13th. Huntingdon Visit

Four members from Leighton buzzard enjoyed an evening at the Huntingdon society showing various items from their collections including from left to right.. John Spencer, King George VI commonwealth Issues, Paul Peacock, Falkland Islands, Richard Page with Birds of Prey and John Hossack showing Sierra Leone.

January 18th A visit from Rickmansworth

Carl Barnes came over to show us his display of Cape of Good Hope.

Carl displayed an extensive collection of covers showing combinations of the Cape Triangles in pairs singles and blocks of four. Also pre-stamp covers and material from south Africa.

15th March 2017

Simon Richards Dominica.

Simons history of the Caribbean Island of Dominica. Starting in 1799 when the first date stamps were ordered to be used to combat fraud.

Simon showed two frames of pre stamp material before completing another ten frames of postage stamps on cover and mint which included Essays and proofs. Simon continues to research this fascinating subject.

A cover from 1779 is shown from the French occupation of the Island.

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